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The Confidence Series: How to make Instagram Your Happy Place

This is the first in my three-part Confidence series. When I asked my audience what they would expect if I were to give a TED talk, the theme of 'confidence' were in many of the answers. SO, although I am not an expert, I wanted to write a few blogs on some DIFFERENT ways I find confidence in my life. And hopefully, you will find some value here. Thanks for reading!

You don't HAVE to be on Instagram in the bath, but all I'm sayin' is: I would if I could...

Photo by Sarah Baughen

Is this a how-to on growing your Instagram account? Well, not really, but some of these things DID help me to grow. No no no lady, this is more a guide on how to make your Instagram the place you WANT to be, especially when things in the REAL WORLD might be rough.

I have always referred to my Instagram (and any other socials) as my ‘happy place’. A place of positivity and light, where I share the things I love and that I think other things might love too. Am I real about my life? Yes, of course. Do I share absolutely everything that’s going on? No. There is a lot I keep close to my chest, mainly because that’s just the decision I have made and also because….Instagram is my happy place! It’s an escape when things may be a little tough, a frivolity that I enjoy having in my life, somewhere I can go at any time of the day or night, and find something fabulous.

(note: I do not for a SECOND judge what OTHERS post on social media. Your page is YOUR page, and I am a strong believer in the post whatever you damn well please attitude)

SO I put together a few little tips on how to make Instagram your major happy place. Will this help your account to grow? Maybe, a lot of these things did help me, BUT the main point here is creating a space for YOU and YOUR FOLLOWERS to get excited to be in – and after all, isn’t that the whole point?


With anyone really. But in particular, I am talking about accounts YOU are a fan of here. It can be someone huge, or someone small doesn’t matter. All I am saying is if you like something TELL THEM! Comment on their posts, respond to DMs if you’ve been inspired or influenced by them TAG them. Do not be discouraged if some don’t answer, messages, comments and tags can get lost and most people also have jobs, families and commitments outside of the socials, but if you keep showing up as a fan you’ll get noticed. It’s not creepy, it’s literally why we’re here. We WANT to know if you like what we’re doing. I LOVE opening a dialogue with people I see consistently connecting with me, AND I have made many online friends that I look up to for inspiration by connecting on the other side. It’s all about creating a kick-ass community for yourself.


And speaking of community, it’s totally important to engage the other way. Like I said above sometimes it is difficult to reply to everyone and everything but its definitely important to do your best and start those conversations with people who follow you. Your followers are there cos they love what you do, its totally instant likeminded friendships! It also helps you to understand what people want to keep seeing, and what they love about you so you can keep doing more. This is SOCIAL media people, BE SOCIAL! (Also you don’t have to leave the house for this – win!)


If there are things you don’t want to post about, don’t. If there are trends circulating but you don’t connect with it, or don’t feel comfortable participating in, don’t. YOU are your page, so it's important to stick to things you feel comfortable with. This can mean that sometimes you might not know what to post – well it's super easy to gain inspiration from your own account! If your audience has loved and engaged well with something previously its totally fine to replicate it, just with a twist. Example: You wrote a post with advice on how to wear a certain clothing item and people LOVED it – easy, write a post about ANOTHER clothing item you love! OR shoes that complement the clothing item. If your audience loved it before there’s a good chance they will again, and they will APPRECIATE the help you have given them – build that community!


OWN YOUR INSTAGRAM. Your page is uniquely YOU. OWN IT. Be PROUD of it. DO what you want to do and what makes you HAPPY. The joy that can come from social media is largely about mindset and about how you approach it. If you make your page a POSITIVE place for you, then you will always feel happy about it. Don’t get sucked into what others are doing, stay in your own lane and cultivate that happy place for YOU and your like-minded audience.

Own it like these gals own this room. Yowsa!

I hope this helps you in some way. There are literally thousands of articles on how to grow a following, so I definitely wanted to put a little twist on it as for me that is not always my main focus! I love my social media community and I adore the online friendships I have made (and real-life ones too!). I want Instagram to always be my happy place, and I want yours to be one for you too! Especially as the world grows ever more uncertain, we may all need that escape.

Have fun ‘gramming and reach out if you have any questions or anything to add!

B x

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