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Preggo Dressing: My Six Top Tips for Styling the Bump

One of the things I enjoyed most about pregnancy was finding new and different ways to dress and style that bump! It can be a really tricky and frustrating experience for some, as often most of your wardrobe doesn’t fit, or fit right, and specifically made maternity clothes can be super pricey, plus you probs won’t wear it that often.

For both of my pregnancies I have focused on using what I could from my existing wardrobe, buying pieces that will grow with me AND can be worn beyond the bump, as well as spending SOME money on KEY maternity pieces that can’t be avoided.

I know it can be tough to find a sense of self when pregnant, as your body is no longer just your own, and clothing can contribute immensely to how we feel about ourselves. I’ve put together this little guide on pregnancy dressing, that will hopefully help you to feel stylish, comfy and like YOU, just a ‘bumpier’ version!

1. Stretchy Stretch Stretch!

You’ve probably heard every single #mummyblogger say this. BUY STRETCHY SHIT. Mainly dresses and skirts. ALSO if you’re someone who doesn’t like to wear tight things, this is your opportunity to get out those figure hugging items and show off that tum! (Bellies of ALL kinds are bloody beautiful IMO!)

The other benefit to stretchy items is that they GROW with you, and most can double for wear after bub has made their entrance. You can also used knotted tees, tied shirts, cropped jumpers, colored blazers and jackets to change up your look, so its super easy to just have a few pieces in the wardrobe and wear them in many ways (see my blush Kookai dress below!).

For the budget conscious, stores like Kmart and Target ALWAYS have bodycon items in a variety of colours and styles. But if you don’t mind spending a little more I would HIGHLY recommend investing in some Kookai pieces as they grow with the bump, hold their shape well and the fabric is soft and breathable.

Hot tip: a belt put just above your bump will allow you to tuck in knits or loose shirts so that they sit above without tying or knotting.

2. Floaty is your friend

If you’re going to be pregnant at any time in spring, summer, or in Australia at all really, then a few floaty dresses are your friends! They’re super comfy, breezy in the heat, and easy to dress up with heels, sneakers or with a denim or leather jacket. Change it up by adding a tied tee or shirt over the top for a cute skirt look without the nuisance of a waistband.

BUT if you are looking for an actual skirt – elasticized waists and pleats look cute AF, plus you should be able to wear them post bump too.

3. Fancy Dress

I’m not gonna lie, it can be pretty bloody hard to find something to wear to a fancy schmancy event when you have a big old bump to dress. BUT its not impossible and as long as you find something you’re comfortable in, you’ll feel just as schmicko as when you’re not carrying bubba.

A few things I found helpful here:

· Wear something similar to what you would wear on a normal day, but amp it up with a fancy blazer, comfy heels, blingy accessories, and extra special hair and makeup

· When in doubt, stretchy dresses in block colours are always a winner, and again you can really make them look snazzy with the right accessories

· Only wear heels if you’re comfy doing so! Skip them if you’re feet are sore and swollen, and go for a sparkly pair of flats and treat yourself to a pedicure.

4. I wanna wear pants though…

And girl you totes can! Though this is probably one area where I would recommend investing in some specific maternity pieces. A good pair of maternity jeans are pretty bloody sweet cos you can get a few different colours, styles and dress them up or down. I loved the Jeanswest ones and made sure to wait for when they had a storewide sale.

Plain black leggings are also a great option and wearing them with an oversized tee and blazer will make you feel fancy AF. My faves were some wet look leggings I got from ASOS. Its easiest to grab maternity leggings, but you can wear some just by sizing up (I had some Uniqlo Heat Tech leggings in Large that were super comfy).

Lastly, if you want to wear droppies or harems with you totally can – just put the stretchy band UNDER the bump! It was one of my fave looks – especially with a cool tee & bomber jacket. Hot tip though – wear a long singlet underneath that you can tuck in so if the tee lifts up you’re not flashing your underbelly!

All of the above applies to shorts too – plus adding a kimono or open wrap dress with shorts and a tee + a bump looks super cute!

5. Being pregnant in my activewear…

Your first few months your normal activewear will probably totes be fine – and most leggings are crazy stretchy these days to accommodate growing bumps, plus you can always size up if you want.

BUT I would recommend grabbing at least one or two pairs of maternity leggings because they make you feel oh so supported in that bump area, and are also super comfy, without feeling too tight. There are so many great brands out there doing gorge maternity designs – plus a plain black pair can be dressed up with long tees/shirts and a blazer – no one will even know you’re wearing gym wear to work!


If you’re a little bit of a shopping addict like me, being preggo will be no different. BUT I do stress to you – when buying items in those final months, make sure to think about what is also going to work for you when bub arrives. Can I wear it if I am self-conscious about my belly? Can I access the boobalinas easily? Is it easy to wash and dry? Is it versatile? Does it make me feel fucking fabulous and like a badass, amazing mama?

These are all things I would ask myself when grabbing things in my final months of pregnancy, and so far all the pieces have worked with bub in tow too!

Let me know if you found this little guide handy! At the end of the day, there are no rules. Wear what you feel comfortable in and what bring YOU JOY! That's the most important thing.

B x

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