Uh, and you are???

Hi, I'm The Aussie Mummy

Or Breeahn. Or Bree.

Nearly three years ago I was a new mum, unemployed, looking for a new creative outlet to keep my mind busy – in between mama duties of course!


The Aussie Mummy started out as a YouTube channel. I love presenting, I love talking, I have a secret desire to be on the telly (I guess its not secret anymore!) and I loved watching other mama YouTube channels when I was pregnant – but there was so few in Australia! So The Aussie Mummy YouTube channel was born, and then my Instagram and Blog (still a baby blog) followed.


Throughout this entire journey my main aim has simply been to share what I love – whether it be fashion, style, entertainment, beauty, timesaving products, baby things – ANYTHING, alongside things that have helped me, bargains, parenting tidbits, and whatever else I find amusing or useful. Social media is my happy place and I want to make it yours too! I am so lucky to have made some amazing friends and creating a fabulous community online – and I am so pleased you are here to join me!

Thank you all and make sure to say HI on Insta, or via email so we can chit-chat!

B x

Breeahn is a 30-something wife and mama to two girls, Matilda & Olive. After spending years in a variety of industries Breeahn has finally found her dream job in Digital Marketing, as well as being a small time influencer on Instagram and YouTube. Breeahn is also a former part-time/kind of professional-ish actress and singer; as well as a junk food addict, and wannabe ‘fit chick’. Breeahn and her family are based in Perth, Western Australia.

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