Hi, I'm The Aussie Mummy

Or Breeahn. Or Bree.

Nearly four years ago I was a new mum, unemployed, looking for a new creative outlet to keep my mind busy – in between mama duties of course!


The Aussie Mummy started out as a YouTube channel. I love presenting, I love talking, I have a secret desire to be on the telly (I guess its not secret anymore!) and I loved watching other mama YouTube channels when I was pregnant – but there was so few in Australia! So The Aussie Mummy YouTube channel was born, and then my Instagram and Blog (when I actually post haha) followed.


Throughout this entire journey my main aim has simply been to share what I love – whether it be fashion, style, entertainment, beauty, timesaving products, baby things – ANYTHING, alongside things that have helped me, bargains, parenting tidbits, and whatever else I find amusing or useful. Social media is my happy place and I want to make it yours too! I am so lucky to have made some amazing friends and creating a fabulous community online – and I am so pleased you are here to join me!

Thank you all and make sure to say HI on Insta, or via email so we can chit-chat!

B x

Breeahn is a Perth based influencer, content creator, MC and speaker, mum of 2 and coffee lover.


Not your typical 'mummy blogger', Breeahn is all about breaking that 'mum mould' and encouraging other women to be their most confident selves and to find their true identity through style, fashion and mindset.


Breeahn is a self proclaimed happiness spreader, confidence booster, fashion enthusiast, and "that girl with the pink hair". She loves sharing her colourful and daring style, and empowering other to break style "rules" and fashion "norms".


Breeahn is also available as an MC, host, and speaker, for events around Australia (travel permitting).


Major brands worked with: Kmart, Modi Bodi, Crust Pizza, Westfield Carousel, Cotton On, Manicare, Esmi Skin, MCo Beauty, The Quick Flick.

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